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Since the 1950s the French have developed an excellent reputation for the effective treatment of varicose veins using sclerotherapy. This is a simple and pain free procedure which involves injecting the troublesome vein with a harmless liquid or foam sclerosant. When injected, the foam causes the vein to contract and close up. Eventually the vein becomes a thin fibrous strip before finally disappearing for good.

This technique will deal with most veins except the very large and can be used to tidy up the leg after vein surgery (stripping). It is now possible to perform the injection under the guidance of ultrasound, which allows treatment of deeper veins and gives additional security and effectiveness.

Individuals who develop varicose veins have a tendency to go on producing new ones over the years. The treatment will sort out varicose veins at that time but new ones will develop over time and they can readily be dealt with.

We recommend one or two top up treatments a year to maintain trouble free legs. It will avoid the need for major treatments at a later date.

Using foam instead of liquid, this new technique is able to treat large varicose veins, and is a good alternative to surgery.

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